Appliances For Healthy Lifestyles

Along with a rising awareness of health issues comes a need for appliances that can adapt to this desire for healthy living. While some manufacturers have seen more change in what people cook, rather than how they cook it, others say there are some appliances that are becoming more mainstream as a result of healthy choices.

The new line of wall ovens from Maytag features the Flex Install System (FIT System), which includes a new trim design and an adjustable internal base to make installation and walloven replacement easier. The system allows the wall oven to pt almost any existing wall cutout. The oven features 5 cu. ft. of cooking space,
a Power Preheat function, roll-out racks, recessed broil, extra-large windows and monochromatic LCD screen.

The Miele Steam Oven uses fresh steam to cook with steam generated in water outside of the oven for gentle cooking. It features the company’s exact temperature control system which measures and control the temperature in the oven to ensure the right combination of time and temperature.

The MasterChef autmoatic program includes guides for cooking vegetables, psh, poultry, meat, eggs, grains and fruits and up to 30 recipes can be stored.